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EMS Implementation Guide for the Specialty-Batch Chemicals Sector, Produced by EPA & SOCMA

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This step-by-step ‘how-to' Guide is based on ISO 14001 standards and conforms with EMS criteria for the National Environmental Performance Track. The systematic approach of an EMS can help facility managers improve their environmental performance, enhance compliance, and save money.

The EMS Implementation Guide was jointly developed by the Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association (SOCMA) and EPA's Sector Strategies Program. Later this year, SOCMA will be incorporating EMS requirements into their new Responsible Care ® Management Systems (RCMS) program. SOCMA's membership is committed to implementing this program and starting third party certification in 2005. The EMS Implementation Guide will be an important tool to help batch chemical facilities meet RCMS standards.

An EMS enables manufacturing facilities to achieve improvements in environmental, health, and safety performance beyond government-required levels. The EMS Implementation Guide will be the first step for specialty-batch chemical facilities that do not have a process in place to weave environmental decision making and improvement into their daily processes and businesses.

Modules and Appendices in PDF Format
  Cover (full color)
Cover (black and white)
192 KB
73 KB
  Introduction and User’s Guide 24 KB
11 pages
Module 1: Laying the Groundwork for EMS 113 KB
26 pages
Module 2: Structure and Responsibility 43 KB
10 pages
Module 3: Environmental Policy 24 KB
6 pages
Module 4: Legal and Other Requirements

81 KB
18 pages

Module 5: Environmental Aspects 287 KB
40 pages
Module 6: Objectives and Targets 28 KB
6 pages
Module 7: Environmental Management Programs 60 KB
16 pages
Module 8: Training, Awareness, and Competence 38 KB
10 pages
Module 9: Communication 47 KB
12 pages
Module 10: EMS Documentation 45 KB
14 pages
Module 11: Document Control 27 KB
6 pages
Module 12: Operational Control 202 KB
42 pages
Module 13: Emergency Preparedness and Response 28 KB
6 pages
Check and Act
Module 14: Monitoring and Measurement 49 KB
16 pages
Module 15: Nonconformance and Corrective and Preventive Action 79 KB
10 pages
Module 16: Records 31 KB
8 pages
Module 17: EMS Audits 62 KB
20 pages
Module 18: Management Review 23 KB
6 pages
Appendix A: Glossary 12 KB
2 pages
Appendix B: Integration of Environmental Management Systems and Quality 17 KB
4 pages
Appendix C: Health and Safety Integration Questionnaire 11 KB
2 pages
Appendix D: Environmental Aspect/Impact Ranking 104 KB
20 pages
Appendix E: Additional Tools 766 KB
42 pages
Appendix F: EPA-sponsored EMS Source Documents 11 KB
2 pages


For more information about the specialty-batch chemical EMS Implementation Guide, please contact
Janice Bryant, EPA
National Specialty-Batch Chemicals Sector Point-of-Contact
(202) 566-2956

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