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Chemical Management Services: Greening and Optimizing the Chemical Supply Chain in Asia
Chemical Strategies Partnership (CSP) and the CMS Forum worked in partnership with the Singapore Confederation of Industries (SCI), Singapore National Environment Agency (NEA), Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM), and the U.S. – Asia Environmental Partnership to host a workshop to introduce the CMS model to companies in Singapore and the region.

CYTEC Industries
Cytec Industries is a specialty chemicals and materials technology company. We will become a premier specialty chemicals and materials company through Customer Focus, Superior Technology, Operational Excellence, and Employee Commitment.

CYTEC: Environment and Safety
Operating safely to protect our employees from workplace injuries and illnesses, to safeguard the communities adjacent to our facilities, and to preserve the natural environment for all of us and future generations is a fundamental priority at the core of everything that we do at Cytec.

DOW: Safety Data Sheets and Product Finder
The Dow Chemical Company and its subsidiaries produce and market tens of thousands of products all over the world. To find the safety data sheet you need, first select the country that this sheet applies to.

National Center for Environmental Research
The National Center for Environmental Research (NCER) is one of five research organizations that comprise EPA’s Office of Research and Development (ORD). NCER’s mission is to support high-quality research by the nation’s leading scientists that will improve the scientific basis for decisions on national environmental issues and help EPA achieve its goals .

National Enforcement Investigations Center
The National Enforcement Investigations Center (NEIC) is the only environmental forensic center accredited for environmental data measurement activities. The Center has an unique role in conducting complex criminal and civil enforcement investigations and applied research and development to support science for enforcement.

The Dow Chemical Company
Dow is a leader in science and technology, providing innovative chemical, plastic and agricultural products and services to many essential consumer markets.


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