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Chemical Security:
60 Minutes: U.S. Plants: Open To Terrorists
This article shows how vulnerable American chemical plants and places where hazardous chemicals are stored are if terrorists decided to target them.

ACC Media Kit on Security
This page is a great resource provided by the ACC dealing with chemical plant security across the U.S. It provides articles and examples of how certain plants have completed security vulnerability assessments and are prepared should terrorists decide to attack.

ACC News Media: Chemical Plant Security
In addition to adhering to our mandatory strict security code, ACC companies have taken the certain actions to fortify their facilities based on individual needs. Look here for a complete list of articles dealing with what members of the ACC have done to better improve their security.

This document discusses the need to improve security at chemical plants, not only for those who live around or near the plants, but for the men and women who work in the plants themselves.

AIChE: Security Vulnerability Analysis
The chemical industry in the U.S. is quickly mobilizing to address a new potential cause of catastrophic chemical accidents, those caused by terrorist acts. AIChE's Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS®) has taken the lead by developing a method for industry to analyze their chemical security risks.

American Chemistry Council: Articles Discussing Chemical Plants Security
Here is a list of articles dealing with security issues and improving them at chemical/ chemical manufacturing plants across the U.S.

BASF Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) Methodology & Enhanced Security Implementation Management
The Objective of the SVA process is to accurately assess the security of BASF chemicals and other assets in light of the changed threat following the 911 terrorist attacks, to identify and close security gaps where they exist, and to identify security measures which will be effective in closing such gaps, in order to protect human life, the environment, the assets of the company, and the economic viability of the community.

Center for American Progress: New Strategies to Protect America- Securing our Nation’s Chemical Facilities
More than three years after the attacks of 9/11, our nation s chemical manufacturing and transport facilities remain extremely vulnerable to terrorism. This document provides a list of possibilities to make chemical plants in America more secure.

Chemical and Engineering News: CHEMICAL SITE SECURITY PLAN
This article discusses what the EPA is doing concerning chemical plants possibly becoming terrorist targets.

Chemical and Engineering News: Taking the Next Step
Now that it has been made clear that chemical plants in the U.S. need to improve their security measures, what should be the next step? This article deals with what the chemical industry is going to do next.

Chemical Facility Security Act of 2005
The purpose of this document is to help chemical facilities become better secured to protect human health and the environment from the release of hazardous substances by acts of terrorism.

Chemical Plant Security
This report reviews requirements that aim to reduce risks to the general public of exposure to hazardous chemicals as a result of terrorist acts at U.S. chemical production, processing, or storage facilities.

Chemical Security Monitor
This document provides information on protecting certain chemicals that terrorists may want to steal along with solutions for chemical plants and the chemical industry to become better prepared in the event of a terrorist attack.

Chemical Security Threats
Across the U.S., thousands of industrial facilities use and store hazardous chemicals in quantities such that a release would put large numbers of Americans at risk of serious injury or death. The risk is widespread according to the U.S. EPA. Here are a few of the potential hazards facing Americans should an attack happen.

Chemical Terrorism
As of right now, it appears that there are a number of chemical plants in the U.S. that do not have the proper security measures in place in the event that they are attacked by terrorists.

CIO: Bonding Time
This article looks at chemical plant vulnerability and discusses certain plans that are being used to improve security plant security.

Counter-Terrorism: Threat Assessment
Here is a list of useful links all dealing with assessing threats posed by terrorists to the chemical industry.

Critical Intervention Solutions: Chemical Security Solutions
Critical Intervention Services provides a number of solutions to improve security at domestic chemical plants and facilities with potentially hazardous process operations.

CRS Report for Congress: Chemical Plant Security
Chemical facilities might be vulnerable to direct attacks by terrorists or efforts to gain access to potentially dangerous chemicals. For any individual facility, the risk is very small, but risks may be increasing with potentially severe consequences for human health and the environment. Available evidence indicates that many chemical facilities may lack adequate safeguards.

Enhancing Security of Hazardous Materials Shipments Against Acts of Terrorism or Sabotage
Given the heightened specter of terrorism, the security of hazardous materials (hazmat) shipments has become a priority for carriers, shippers, consignees, emergency responders, and government officials.

Environmental Media Services: Fast Facts about Terrorism Directed toward Chemical Plants
These facts put into perspective what may happen if terrorists targeted chemical plants in the U.S.

Environmental Media Services: Protecting Communities From Chemical Hazards: Inherent Safety At Work
Here are a few examples of what different chemical plants have done/are doing to better prepare in the case of a terrorist attack on their facility.

Environmental Media Services: Terrorist Attack on Chemical Plants Could Endanger Millions
Millions of Americans are at risk from a terrorist attack or accident at sites that use or store hazardous chemicals, such as chlorine and ammonia.. read this article to learn more.

Experts Say Security of Chemical Plants Still Lacking
It is clear that throughout America chemical plant security is till lacking, thus leaving us vulnerable to possible terrorist attacks on chemical plants, endangering, what could be, more then one million lives.

Fact Sheet on Senator Corzine's Chemical Security Legislation
Here is a fact sheet on Corzine's Chemical security legislation which addresses the problem many chemical plants in the U.S. have which is vulnerability to terrorist attacks.

Federal Action Needed to Address Security Challenges at Chemical Facilities
This document discusses why federal action is needed to address security challenges at chemical facilities in the United States.

Fox News: Senate Panel Hears of Chemical Plant Risks
This article lays out the possible situations America could be faced with, should terrorists attack a chemical plant where security is not up to standard, nor prepared for such an attack.,2933,154841,00.html

Government Security: An Overlooked Vulnerability?
This article looks at the vulnerability of different chemical manufacturing plants and what may happen should they be attacked by terrorists, but also provides a list of recommended steps needed to help improve security of these plants.

HIS Government and Military: Chemical Security Fact Sheet
This document lays out an overview of certain things for increasing security for chemical plants including assessing vulnerabilities, security standards and protective measures, sharing information, educating the work force, and transportation of hazardous materials.

Homeland Defense: Top Terrorism Experts Warn That Chemical Plants Are Not Secure
This article describes how the nation's top terrorism experts all agree that America needs to do more with regard to chemical plant security.

Homeland Security Pushing For Improved Chemical Plant Security
In a move to avoid safety problems that could be exploited by terrorists, The Department of Homeland Security is pushing plans to federally regulate security at chemical plants...

ICF: Assessing Vulnerabilities
ICF helps businesses across the U.S. assess their vulnerabilities. This document looks at helping to assess vulnerabilities in the chemical industry.

NACD: Chemical Facility Security
The issue at the center of this document provided by the NACD is the enactment of chemical security legislation to require facilities to conduct vulnerability assessments and develop site security plans.

National Environmental Health: Chemical Site Security: America's Achilles' Heel
This article discusses the fact that millions of Americans are at risk if terrorists do decide to attack certain chemical plants across the nation.

OMB Watch: Journalists Find Chemical Plants Insecure
This article is just another of the many stories, where it is clear that chemical plant security measures are not where they should be, especially in preparing for a terrorist attack.

PHX News: Preventing Terrorist Attacks on Chemical Facilities
This article discusses the problem of security in chemical plants throughout the U.S. and what would happen on a national scale if any of these plants were used as terrorist targets.

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Chemicals pose risks nationwide
After reading this article, it is clear that as of right now, many chemical facilities are still very vulnerable to terrorist groups, even in some cases, letting people without the right security clearance, have access to very deadly toxins and poisons.

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Radical changes in chemical plant security urged
Refer to this article to find out ways that Congress is moving to improve chemical plant security across the nation from terrorist attack.

Pollution Prevention Roundtable: Environmental Security Taskforce
This page provides excellent links to other sites and documents concerning the issue of chemical plant security in the U.S.

Protecting Chemical Plants
This document deals with the idea that chemical plants across the U.S. may be potential terrorist targets and provides information on what is being done to better protect this from happening.

Protecting Chemical Plants from Catastrophic Failures, Part 1
This article discusses the possibility of terrorists stealing certain chemicals from certain chemical plants and using them against us. For more information read the entire article.

Protecting Our Hometowns: Preventing Chemical Terrorism in America
This paper documents, for policymakers, advocates, and the general public, the terrorist threat posed by chemical use in communities and opportunities to make communities inherently safer.

Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Training
Looking for information on how to better perform security vulnerability assessments at your plants? Use this document for more information regarding this issue.

Security Awareness For Industrial And Municipal Facilities
The purpose of this brochure is to suggest what steps you may take to protect your facility, your products, and your community.

Security Vulnerability Analysis
This presentation, presented in PowerPoint mode, is an excellent resource providing a security vulnerability analysis overview for the chemical plant industry.

Security Vulnerability Assessment at Chemical Facilities
This presentation shows what one company is doing/ has done, since 9/11 in preparing for another terrorist attack.

Security Vulnerability Assessment Revealed
This is a great resource for any chemical company interested in better protecting themselves from the possibility of future terrorist attacks on their facilities.

Site Security for Process Industries
Here are possible security assessments and guidelines chemical plants can carry out to better protect themselves in the event of a terrorist attack.

Site Security Guidelines for the U.S. Chemical Industry
This guide addresses security at fixed facilities and is intended to be a resource to help managers at individual facilities make decisions on appropriate security measures based on risk.

Site Vulnerability Assessments for Facilities That Use, Store, or Transport Chemicals
This page provides an overview of certain site vulnerability assessments for facilities that use, store, or transport chemicals.

SOCMA's Security Information and Resources
Looking for information on chemical plant security and information on how to make your chemical plant/distributor/manufacturer safer? This is a great resource with lots of valuable information concerning this issue.

Statement of Senator Jon S. Corzine
Here is what the senator Jon S. Corzine has to say regarding chemical plant security in the U.S. along with background information as to why he wrote the bill addressing chemical plant security.

Strategies for Protecting Process Plants Against Terrorism, Sabotage and other Criminal Acts
Use this document to obtain a better idea of how to better prepare your facility in the event that it becomes a terrorist target.

The Dangerous Dozen
This document looks at twelve specific chemical plants in the U.S. that would pose a serious threat to America if they were to be attacked by terrorists.

The Facts Of Life In Chemical Security
This article looks at chemical plant security guidelines that some plants are required to have, chemical plant assessment realities, chemical plant security findings to date, and future steps plants are taking to better improve their security.,3483,96758,00.html

U.S. Department of Justice: A Method to Assess the Vulnerability of U.S. Chemical Facilities
This special report presents an overview of a prototype methodology to assess the security of chemical facilities within the United States. This vulnerability assessment methodology identifies and assesses potential security threats, risks, and vulnerabilities and guides the chemical facility industry in making security improvements.

USA Today: Chemical plants' vulnerability at issue
Chemical plants in the USA are vulnerable targets for terrorists and represent a grave risk to Americans because of weak governmental regulation. Read this article for the whole story.

Voluntary Initiatives Are Under Way at Chemical Facilities but the Extent of Security Preparedness Is Unknown
The purpose of this document is to look at chemical plant facilities in the U.S. and their lack of security with regards to being terrorist targets. Also provided are ideas of how to better prepare them by improving security measures should terrorists attack.

Washington Post: Chemical Plants Feared as Targets
Ever since 9/11 chemical plants have begun to prepare for the possible scenario of being terrorist targets themselves. See this article for more information on this topic.¬Found=true

Washington Post: Study Assesses Risk of Attack on Chemical Plant
This article lays out an array of different scenarios in the event that terrorist groups target certain chemical facilities in the U.S.

Workshop on Industry Security Vulnerability Assessments (SVAs)
This is for anyone interested in understanding or conducting security vulnerability assessments. Program covers all oil and gas industry segments: exploration, production, refining, pipeline, and marine. Methodology can be applied to other industries including chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, and more.

Steven Brandy looks at the issue of chemical plant security and provides valuable information for people looking at performing a security vulnerability assessment on their plants.


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