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DOE Industrial Technologies Program Introduces Three New Software Assessment Tools
DOE’s Industrial Technologies Program offers industry a suite of assessment and analysis software tools to help you identify key opportunities for reducing costs, saving energy and improving the performance of industrial energy systems. Now, ITP expands the tool suite further by introducing these three new software tools on the Best Practices Web site.

EPA OPPT Software: Green Chemistry Expert System
A tool currently under development by the U.S. EPA, which will allow users to build a green chemical process, design a green chemical, or survey the field of green chemistry.

Green Engineering Software
The software listed below is intended to provide academia and industry a compilation of risk assessment software tools used by EPA, such as those for risk screening, hazard, exposure, and fate estimation. Most of these can be downloaded directly at no cost. This compilation also includes some commercially available risk assessment/pollution prevention tools. These tools can assist engineers in the prioritization, design, and selection of greener processes and products.


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