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Environmental Reporting:
Air Products: 2004 Corporate Responsibility Annual Report
In this Corporate Responsibility Annual Report, Air Products is proud to highlight some of our more significant economic, environmental and social accomplishments from fiscal 2004.

Ashland Chemical Company EHS 2004
Here is Ashland's Environmental report for the year 2004 providing an overview of how this company is better working to improve their practices to better help the environment.

BASF Corporate Report 2004
BASF wants to successfully shape the future - for our company, our customers, our employees and coming generations. This report is designed to show you how BASF combines economic success, environmental protection and social responsibility, and to give you an insight into the world’s leading chemical company.*du

Corporate Environmental Reporting Websites
This is a list of corporate environmental reporting websites that contain information on the environmental activities and performance of companies.

Corporate Register
A directory of approximately 2000 published corporate environmental and social reports. This service allows you to search for reports via combinations of company name, year published, and business sector. Company profiles list environmental reports submitted, with full publication details and contact details for ordering direct.

Corporate Sustainability Reporting
Corporate reporting is the voluntary public presentation of information about an organization's non-financial performance - environmental social and economic - over a specified period, usually a financial year.

Egeneration: Corporate Environmental Reporting Module
This is a great resource discussing what exactly corporate environmental reporting is, types of environmental reporting, who can report, the cost of environmental reporting, the step by step process, and how to write your own corporate environmental report.

Eldis: Corporate environmental reporting and the UNEP/SustainAbility Benchmarking Tool
The UNEP/SustainAbility benchmarking tool for corporate environmental reports (CERs) has been seen as a possible method for achieving comparability of environmental performance data and reporting. This paper, after a very brief resume of the state of CERs in the UK, focuses on the UNEP/SustainAbility tool, presenting by way of example of its use a summary comparison of recent environmental reports across the 10 UK Water PLC’s.

Electronic Green Journal: Corporate Environmental Reporting Media: A Case for the World Wide Web
This paper focuses on a particular form of environmental communication, commonly referred to as corporate environmental reporting, and highlights the vital role the World Wide Web (WWW) can play in facilitating such a process.

ELF: Corporate Environmental Reporting: a Step Closer
The Corporate Responsibility ("CORE") Bill was presented to Parliament last June, and is due to have its second reading shortly. The CORE bill is backed by the Corporate Responsibility Coalition, which includes NGOs such as Amnesty International and Friends of the Earth, and was first put before Parliament last autumn. There are also calls for the long-awaited Companies Bill to be published. Both sets of proposals require companies to report on the social and environmental impacts of their operations.

Environment Reporting: Reporting Frameworks
Environmental reports are starting to emerge at all levels of government as well as in the corporate world. The type of framework used for an environmental report varies depending on who it is produced for and its given purpose. The framework facilitates the organization and presentation of information to define the issues addressed in the report. Here is a brief overview of several types of reports that have emerged as well as the frameworks they use.

Environmental and Sustainability Reporting
Find links to useful information regarding environmental and sustainability reporting.

Environmental Finance: Corporate non-financial reports
The box on this page lists companies that have released environmental, social or sustainability reports in the last 60 days. Also provided are links to all of the environmental reports by the companies listed.

Environmental Performance Reporting
This web site provides insight into why your company should participate in environmental reporting.

Environmental Reporting
Here is a list of documents containing information on environmental reporting for companies and industries.

Environmental Reporting Guidelines
Many networks, charters, agreements and guidelines have been formed and written regarding environmental reporting. The key guidelines are summarized here in chronological order. There is inevitably some overlap between the aims of the networks and charters and the guidelines for Environmental Reporting.

EPD: Corporate Environmental Reporting
This is a brief pamphlet written for those companies looking to possibly become involved in corporate environmental reporting.

European Environment Agency: Corporate Environmental Reporting
This report is aimed at individual companies and organizations representing company stakeholders and policy makers, summarizes current trends, problems and developments in the areas of environmental performance indicators (EPIs), environmental reporting, environmental performance ranking.

GOOD PRACTICES - Possible Solutions - Environmental Reporting
A Corporate Environmental Report (CER) is a tool to communicate a company's environmental performance. It is used to demonstrate company-wide integrated environmental management systems, corporate responsibility and the implementation of voluntary initiatives and codes of conduct. In addition to satisfying stakeholders' demands, a CER is also a good way for a company itself to track its own progress and identify internal strengths and weaknesses.

GreenBiz: Corporate Reporting
A wide range of stakeholders -- including investors, consumers, activists, and employees -- are asking companies, especially larger ones, to provide "warts and all" information about environmental and social impacts. As this trend for increased accountability and transparency spreads throughout the globe, corporate reporting aids businesses in assessing and improving performance and involving and gaining the trust of stakeholders.

IngentaConnect: Corporate environmental reporting A test of legitimacy theory
This paper analyses the link between the importance, as stated by reporters, of specific factors in the decision to disclose environmental information and actual reporting practices.

Natural Logic: CSR Reporting
This brief overview of a corporate environmental/social responsibility report, discusses how to use Reporting as a management tool.

Product Stewardship: Surveying corporate environmental and social reporting
This document takes a brief look at how far corporate environmental reporting has come in the last decade.

ROHM Environmental Report 2004
Aware that environmental conservation is essential to the continued existence of mankind and the progress of industry, the ROHM Group considers global-environmental protection a top priority.

Shell Chemicals Annual report 2004
This report describes Shell's efforts in2004 to live up to its commitment to contribute to sustainable development.

The International Corporate Environmental Reporting Site
This site provides links to international Environmental & Sustainable Reporting information.

The NEC Annual Environmental Report 2004
Starting this fiscal year, this pamphlet outlining the main points of NEC's environmental management policies and activities is being prepared. The aims are to reduce the impact on the environment by using less paper than the Annual Environmental Report and to promote understanding of the company's environmental activities among a greater number of people.

UK CEED: Environmental Reporting
Corporate Environmental Reports (CERs) have become an increasingly important tool to communicate companies’ environmental policies and performance to interested parties such as shareholders, individual consumers, employees and the public in general. The 1990s have seen both a rapid increase in the number of companies producing CERs and also an expansion in the scope of such reports...

What is Environmental Reporting?
Environmental reporting has traditionally been a voluntary method of communicating environmental performance to an organizations stakeholders. However, more recently there has been a debate over whether environmental reporting should be made mandatory.


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