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Business for Social Responsibility: "Greening" the Supply Chain
Find out what it means to "green" the supply chain and see which companies are putting this concept into practice.

Chemical Management Workshop: Greening the Supply Chain
Chemical Management Services Workshop: Greening the Supply Chain, brought together 56 representatives from 40 different organizations to hear presentations about the CMS model and its implementation in both the US and Europe. Highlights of the day included case study presentations from GM and Haas TCM, Castrol/Airbus, International E-Chem, the Austrian Environment Ministry, PPG Polska, and Henkel. In the afternoon, a panel discussion provided a broad forum to discuss the barriers and opportunities for CMS in the UK and Europe.

Environmental Management Industry: Industry Product Stewardship Business Plan
Provided here is a link to the document entitled British Columbia Industry Product Stewardship Business Plan 2002/2003 – 2004/2005.

EPA's Pollution Prevention: Green Suppliers Network
GSN works with all levels of the manufacturing supply chain to achieve environmental and economic benefits, which often can include significant reductions in labor and capital costs

EPA: About Product Stewardship
Here is all the basic information you need to know regarding what Product Stewardship is and how it relates to businesses, retailers, consumers, state governments, local governments, and the federal government.

Framework for Evaluating Product Stewardship Policies and Initiatives
While still in its nascent stages of development, the movement for increased product stewardship by manufacturers is beginning to take hold in the U.S. Several initiatives and negotiations are underway that are assessing various approaches to shift more responsibility for the management of used products and packages to manufacturers. In this document are some of the principles of product stewardship.

GreenBiz: Chemical Crossroads: Transforming the Chemical Supply Chain
A new business model is emerging that is designed to reduce chemical use, waste, risks, and cost through the transformation of the chemical supply chain by redefining the way chemicals are used and sold. The Chemical Management Services model calls for a customer to engage with a service provider in a strategic, long-term contract to supply and manage the customer’s chemicals and related services.

Guest Dialog: Chemical Management Services: Reexamining the Supply Chain
Here are a few ways chemical companies are reexamining the supply chain and changing it to better help the customer.,6649,136375,00.html

Huntsman: Product Stewardship
The purpose of the Product Stewardship Code of Management Practices is to make EHS protection an integral part of designing, manufacturing, marketing, distributing, using, recycling and disposing of chemical products.

King County Solid Waste Division: Product Stewardship
Product stewardship is an environmental management strategy that is based on the principal that whoever designs, produces, sells or uses a product takes responsibility for minimizing the product’s environmental impact throughout all stages of the product’s life cycle. The greatest responsibility lies with whoever has the greatest ability to affect the life-cycle environmental impacts of the product.

Optimizing the Chemical Supply Chain: The Trend Toward Chemical Management Services
Chemical suppliers are transforming into chemical service providers, where they are rewarded by their customers for improving chemical management and environmental performance, not for selling more chemicals.

PPRC: Supply Chain Management for Environmental Improvement
PPRC provides information on service supply chain strategies including suggestions for the customer on implementing supplier service strategies, and suggestions for the supplier on implementing supplier service strategies.

Product Stewardship
Product stewardship is a product-centered approach to environmental protection. It calls on those in the product lifecycle- manufacturers, retailers, users, and disposers- to share responsibility for reducing the environmental impacts of products. This Web site highlights the latest developments in product stewardship and provides numerous links to other sources of information.

Semi Conductor Magazine: Chemical Management Services: Changing the Links in the Supply Chain
Chemical users, suppliers, regulators and environmentalists are taking notice of how chemical suppliers can cut costs, reduce liability, optimize chemical use and improve environmental performance in a wide range of manufacturing sectors. A new trend in chemical management services, otherwise known as CMS, is changing the way companies purchase and manage chemicals.

Supply Chain Management for Environmental Improvement: Case Studies
Here is a list of case studies done on different companies and businesses who are implementing supply chain managements for environmental improvements.

Sustainable Washington: Product Stewardship: A Tool for Sustainability
Product stewardship is a term used to describe a product-centered approach to environmental protection. It calls on those in the product life cycle -- from designers, manufacturers, retailers, consumers, waste managers and disposers -- to share responsibility for reducing the environmental impacts of products.

The Green Suppliers Network- An industry-government collaboration
The Green Supplier Network (GSN), a collaborative venture between industry and EPA, works with all levels of the manufacturing supply chain to achieve environmental and economic benefits.

The Green Suppliers Network- Michigan
Here is a brief PowerPoint presentation describing the GSN that has been instated in Michigan.

The Resource: Product Stewardship- Considering the Afterlife
By examining the full life-cycle of products such as electronics, carpeting and paint, manufacturers, retailers and government are finding ways to minimize the environmental impact of these products at the end of their useful lives.

US EPA: The Green Suppliers Network
Green Suppliers Network works with large manufacturers to engage their small and medium-sized suppliers in low-cost technical reviews that focus on process improvement and waste minimization.

US EPA: What Green Suppliers Network does
The Green Suppliers Network empowers companies to increase productivity, reduce waste and boost profitability.

Western Electronic Product Stewardship Initiative
Provided here is an overview of Product Stewardship and how to implement it.


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