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Beyond Compliance
Chemical Security:
Department of Homeland Security - Fact Sheet on Chemical Security
Prior to the formation of DHS, responsibility for the nation’s critical infrastructure was scattered over a patchwork of various federal agencies. By creating the Department and its programs, aggressive measures have been taken to reduce the nation’s vulnerability to acts of terrorism. The Department is working closely with state and local governments as well as private sector partners to develop and coordinate plans to protect our complex infrastructure systems.

OMB Watch on Chemical Security
OMB Watch is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting government accountability. This link contains information pertaining to chemical security legislation.

SOCMA's 2006 Chemical Security Summit
The 2006 Summit was co-hosted by SOCMA and the American Chemistry Council (ACC), and sponsored by Honeywell Inc. and SST, maintained its reputation as the source for current information and thinking regarding site, distribution and transportation security from DHS and industry experts.


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