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Upon request, provides on-site training on compliance and environmental management topics. We have prepared the following training materials which you are welcome to use so long as credit is given.

Introduction to the Chemical Industry for Technical Assistance Providers

PNNL Clearance #:
PNWD-SA-7731 Battelle—Pacific Northwest Division, Richland, WA.

Originally presented:
April 19, 2004

National Pollution Prevention Roundtable, Baltimore, MD

Intended Audience:
Compliance Assistance Providers, Permit Writers, other technical assistance providers

This training package was originally developed by ChemAlliance in conjunction with the Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association (SOCMA) and the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD). Materials developed by ChemAlliance are Copyrighted 2004, and may be used for non-commercial purposes with attribution.

Download Includes the following Classroom Presentations
(22.3 mb)
  • Introduction to the Chemical Industry
  • History and current trends
  • Introduction to Process Technology
  • Compliance Issues in the Chemical Industry
  • Pollution Prevention Strategies for Chemical Manufacturing
  • References and Resources

Additional Downloadable Resources

The following files are EPA publications which were distributed on the training CD. These are copies of the original documents, so you should always check with US EPA about the availability of updated versions.

EPA Sector Notebooks: 
EPA's Sector Notebooks provide an overview of the environmental issues facing each industrial sector. Topics covered include Chemical Release and Transfer Profile, Pollution Prevention Opportunities, Summary of Applicable Federal Statutes and Regulations, Compliance and Enforcement Profile, and Compliance Activities and Initiatives.

Download includes the following PDF files (5.3 mb)
  • Profile of the Agricultural Chemical, Pesticide, and Fertilizer Industry (2000) - Publication#: EPA/310-R-00-003;   SIC Code:  287
  • Profile of the Inorganic Chemical Industry  (1995) - Publication#: EPA/310-R-95-004;  SIC Code: 281
  • Profile of the Organic Chemical Industry, 2nd Edition (2002) - Publication#: EPA/310-R-02-00;   SIC Code: 286
  • Profile of the Pharmaceutical Industry (1997) - Publication#: EPA/310-R-97-005;   SIC Code: 2833,2834
  • Profile of the Plastic Resins and Man-made Fibers Industry (1997) - Publication#: EPA/310-R-97-006;   SIC Code: 2821, 2823, 2824
  • Profile of the Rubber and Plastic Industry (1995) - Publication#: EPA/310-R-95-016;   SIC Code: 30            
Process-Based Self-Assessment Tool for the Organic Chemical Industry
EPA Office of Compliance, Chemical Industry Branch, 1997
This document has detailed and specific information on the processes found in chemical plants, including information on potential residuals and regulations that might apply.  Also, Appendix H of this document has a full list of additional references and resources.
Chemical Industry Compliance Improvement Tool
EPA-305-B-98-010, 1998
Provides a listing of regulatory information and resources from both government and nongovernmental organizations.
HON Inspection Tool Vol.1 and HON Inspection Tool Vol. 2
EPA-305-B-97-006, 1997
These two guides provide information for inspection of sources of Hazardous Organics NESHAPs.  Volume 1 provides an overview of sources, control technologies, and regulatory provisions.  Volume 2 provides Inspection Checklists.

Additional Online Resources

These links are for resources on the EPA website and other websites of relevance to the chemical industry.

EPA Weblinks

US EPA Sector Compliance Assistance Centers Program Links to all EPA-sponsored sector centers.
National Environmental Compliance Assistance ClearinghouseAn online clearinghouse for EPA, regional, state and local compliance information. Chemical industry information is available via the Clearinghouse's search function, or you can browse the Chemical Industry section of the Clearinghouse.
US EPA Compliance Assistance Homepage  Very useful source of compliance resources and materials, audit protocols, other materials 
US EPA Industry Partnership Sector Strategies Homepage  Separate from the compliance assistance efforts, this homepage provides general information on various sectors, including the chemical sector.
EPA's Green Engineering Program focuses on the design, commercialization and use of processes and products that are feasible and economical while minimizing the generation of pollution at the source, and reducing risks to human health & the environment.

EPA's Green Chemistry Program includes technical information and tools, as well as information on grants, workshops, etc.
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Industry Weblinks - Other
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ChemAlliance gratefully acknowledges the support of the following organizations who provided assistance and/or feedback in developing these training materials:

US EPA Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance, Sector Centers Program

US EPA Sector Strategies Program (Batch Specialty Chemicals Initiative)

National Association of Chemical Distributors

Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association

American Chemistry Council


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