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CFATS, Chemical Plant Security, and Greener Process Technologies

PNNL Clearance #:
PNWD-SA-7719 Battelle—Pacific Northwest Division, Richland, WA.

Originally presented:

April 12, 2007


TURI Continuing Ed Course, Sturbridge MA

Intended Audience:
environmental staff, process engineers, and plant managers working in chemical manufacturing facilities

In the aftermath of the terrorist events of 9/11/2001, many decision makers in government and industry became acutely aware of the risks that our modern technological society presents. Probably no industry was more impacted than the chemical manufacturing industry, which is responsible for the handling and processing of thousands of toxic, flammable, and explosive materials. This presentation will present an overview of the plant security issue from the perspective of the chemical manufacturing industry, and describe current efforts within the industry, government, and the NGO community to minimize the threat of terrorist attack by addressing chemical and process risk. The Chemcial Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) regulations are discussed in some detail. New trends in process technology which can minimize these risks (e.g., process intensification, microscale chemical processing, and green chemistry) will also be discussed in the context of how the plant security and pollution prevention drivers can be leveraged to spur adoption of these technologies.
Classroom Presentations (Powerpoint files)

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Improving Chemical Plant Security via Greener Process Technologies
TURI Continuing Ed Course


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