Proposed NPDES Electronic Reporting Rule Update Webinar


Source: EPA
Related Topics: US Environmental Protection Agency
On December 1st EPA published the Supplemental Notice for the proposed NPDES Electronic Reporting Rule in the Federal Register. This supplemental notice by EPA is intended to highlight some of the key issues raised during the public comment period for the proposed rule (which would require electronic reporting rather than paper-based reporting for most NPDES information); the supplemental notice also provides some clarifications and describes additional possibilities under consideration by EPA. The public comment period for the supplemental notice continues until January 30, 2015; there is no need to repeat comments made during the public comment period for the proposed rule. Attached is the notice, and the revised version of Appendix A.

Here is the link to the Supplemental Notice in the Federal Register:
Meeting Information
Name:    Proposed NPDES E-rule update webinar
Start Time:    01/20/2015
3:00 – 4:00 PM
Audio Conference Details – audio will be automatic through computer VOIP.  If you do not have this capability dial the number below on your phone.

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Insta-Meet-Plus:                   1866-918-0772
Participant Code:                   2509409317#

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