EPA Finalizes Evaluation of Hazardous Waste Determination Program


Source: SOCMA and EPA
Related Topics: Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)
EPA summarizes the study this way –“In an effort to improve EPA Hazardous Waste regulations and to increase compliance, EPA worked with a third party evaluator to review the regulatory requirement for generators to determine if their waste materials are hazardous.”

The Agency continued, “This review included an assessment of how well the federal regulatory program is working, identification of potential problems that generators have with determining whether their wastes are hazardous, and recommendations to EPA on how EPA can assist generators in complying with regulatory requirements.  The report’s number one recommendation is for EPA to simplify and improve the regulations and provide sector-specific guidance, to the extent possible.  EPA is reviewing the report’s recommendations and will consider implementing improvements to the program, as appropriate.” 

The full report and a fact sheet can be found at: under the Waste tab.

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