U.S.-EU Working Group on Jobs and Growth Seeking Input on Trade Barriers


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On behalf of the High Level Working Group on Jobs and Growth established by the U.S. and the European Union at their November 2011 summit, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative is inviting public comments by Feb. 3 on the following issues.

  • conventional barriers to trade in goods, such as tariffs and tariff-rate quotas
  • reduction, elimination or prevention of barriers to trade in goods, services and investment
  • opportunities for enhancing the compatibility of regulations and standards
  • reduction, elimination or prevention of unnecessary “behind the border” non-tariff barriers to
  • trade in all categories
  • enhanced cooperation for the development of rules and principles on global issues of common concern and for the achievement of shared economic goals relating to third countries

For each option or proposal that is suggested, submissions should seek to assess the short- and medium-term impact on economic growth, job creation and competitiveness; feasibility; and implications for, and consistency with, bilateral and multilateral trade obligations.

The Working Group has been asked to identify policies and measures to increase U.S.-EU trade and investment to support mutually beneficial job creation, economic growth and international competitiveness. USTR states that upon completing its analysis the Working Group will consider and recommend practical means necessary to implement any policy measures it identifies, which could include initiatives ranging from enhanced regulatory cooperation to the negotiation of one or more bilateral trade agreements. The Working Group plans to provide an interim update to U.S. and EU leaders in June and a report with findings, conclusions and recommendations by the end of 2012.

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