Chemicals compliance beyond the reach of small firms


Source: Plastics & Rubber Weekly and
Related Topics: General Regulatory

By Anthony Clark

The absence of technical resources in many smaller firms is threatening Reach compliance in the view of ReFaC – a Reach compliance specialist. Its concern is based on its experience in helping companies in the chemical supply chain to comply with the legislation.

ReFaC development manager, Dr Darren Staniforth, said: “At ground level, many smaller firms are finding Reach a real challenge. Compliance with such a complex regulatory regime requires a level of technical resource that many smaller firms just do not possess.

“There is also the added concern that many smaller companies are assuming that another element of the supply chain will deal with Reach compliance on their behalf. In our experience this assumption is unsafe.”

The first Reach deadline, on 30 November 2010, will only involve 4% of the commercial chemical inventory and concerns higher-volume substances and toxic agents. Later deadlines, applying to lower-tonnage substances, will be of more direct concern to smaller firms.

“Many companies are unaware that it can often take up to two years to compile a full registration dossier from scratch – depending on a company’s position in the chemical supply chain,” said Staniforth. “This means that for substances affected by the 2013 Reach deadline companies should now be seeking specialist help,” he added.

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