EPA Solicits Stakeholder Feedback on Draft Environmental Justice Methodology for Definition of Solid Waste Rule


Source: SOCMA
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EPA recently held a series of meetings soliciting feedback on its recently unveiled draft methodology for its upcoming analysis of the Environmental justice impacts of the Definition of Solid Waste Rule.  (The draft methodology can be found at:

On February 23, the agency held a public meeting on the subject.  That was followed by a video town hall later that afternoon which featured Office of Solid Waste Emergency Response Assistant Administrator Mathy Stanislaus.  The Methodology was one of the two topics focused on during that session.  Finally, on February 25, EPA held a webinar on the subject. 

At the February 23 meeting , Maria Vickers, the Deputy Office Director of EPA’s Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery introduced the session, and OSWER’s Tracy Atagi followed with a brief overview of the Draft Methodology.  Vernice Miller Travis, a Commissioner with the Maryland Commission on Environmental Justice and Sustainable Communities then spoke, and the forum was then opened up for discussion.  EPA noted that it had never done something like this analysis on Environmental Justice before but estimated that the analysis would be completed at some point this summer.  (That analysis in turn would then be peer reviewed and subject to more public comment before EPA uses it to help decide whether to accept or reject the Sierra Club’s petition to overturn the rule.)

At each session, EPA repeatedly made it clear that it was seeking feedback on any aspect of the Draft Methodology, including a few topics in particular.  Comments on  the draft methodology are due March 15.

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