ChemStewards Tip #19: How to Establish Objectives and Targets


Source: SOCMA
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As we begin planning for 2010, it is a great time to focus on what is an effective way to establish objectives and targets. Within the ChemStewards management system, the requirements for objectives and targets are to have a process to:

  •  Establish EHS&S objectives & targets
    • assigning responsibility,
    • quantifiable metrics, and
    • timeframes for completion
  •  Review progress and modify objective, timeframe or resources
  •  Communicate progress and results to appropriate stakeholders
In addition to the above, objectives should be focused on a result, not an action and they should be attainable.

Another approach for objectives and targets is SMART:
  • Specific
  • Measureable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time bounded
Most organizations have their own definitions for objectives and targets.

Objectives – think of something you want to improve in your EHS&S performance.

Targets – think of a specific, measurable accomplishment that supports meeting the objective.

Add to the mix assigned responsibilities with a timeframe for completion, and you are there.

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