Small Business Environmental Home Page Has New Look


Source: SBO-SBAP
Related Topics: Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

The Small Business Environmental Home Page has recently been redesigned with a new look and content organization. As the EPA Asbestos and Small Business Ombudsman's office (ASBO) and state Small Business Ombudsman/Small Business Assistance programs (SBO/SBEAPs) across the country have evolved, the needs and audience for the Home Page have changed. The EPA ASBO and SBO/SBEAP National Steering Committee (NSC) has worked cooperatively with the Home Page to make suggestions for a new look and organization.

Some of the changes to the Home Page include a new design in a box style with listings under each category for more direct links to subpages used frequently, including an "Are You a Small Business?" link on the top page for small businesses, and including a direct link to SBO/SBEAP contact information on the top page. Many more items and updates to different sections of the Home Page are being planned for the near future.

For more information about the new design, go to If you have any questions or suggestions on the new Home Page design, please contact Audrey Graylin Zelanko at

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