Responsible Distribution Process (RDP) Workshop, May 18-19, Houston, TX


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The National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) will be giving a workshop on their Responsible Distribution Process (RDP), May 18-19, 2009, in Houston, Texas. The Spring 2009 workshop begins with an all new, two-hour program dedicated to internal audits and is open to NACD Members, Affiliates, Candidates, and others interested in NACD membership and the affiliate categories. This session is invaluable in internal audit training for newcomers and veterans alike. The 12 Sections of the RDP Code of Management Practice are discussed with suggestions provided on how to begin complying with and reviewing RDP requirements for continuous improvement.

The full-day workshop educates members on any new updates to RDP, including revisions to the RDP Guiding Principles, Code of Management Practice, and the RDP Verification process. To view the agenda and register, visit NACD's website listed below.

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