EPA Proposing Equivalent Means of Emission Limitation under Wastewater Tank Requirements for Miscellaneous Organic NESHAP


Source: US EPA
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On November 10, 2003, EPA promulgated national emission standards for hazardous air pollutants (NESHAP) for miscellaneous organic chemical manufacturing. The rule is referred to as the miscellaneous organic NESHAP or the MON. The MON incorporates by reference the wastewater tank requirements in the National Emission Standards for Organic Hazardous Air Pollutants From the Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturing Industry for Process Vents, Storage Vessels, Transfer Operations, and Wastewater, which EPA promulgated on April 24, 1994, and which is referred to as the hazardous organic NESHAP or the HON.

EPA is now proposing to amend the HON, and thereby, the MON, by adding an equivalent means of emission limitation for wastewater tanks. This action also clarifies and corrects technical inconsistencies that have been discovered in the MON.

Comments on the proposed amendments must be received on or before September 22, 2008. For more information, contact Mr. Randy McDonald at (919) 541-5402; fax number: (919) 541-0246; or e-mail address:

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