Upcoming AES Conferences

The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) has partnered with its sister Commerce agency, the Bureau of Census to conduct Export Compliance Programs focusing on the Automated Export System (AES) and how reporting in the AES may impact companies’ compliance with the Export Administration Regulations (EAR).
BIS’s Office of Technology Evaluation (OTE) will discuss how industry determines its ECCN and licensing requirements and successfully reports such export control items in AES. In addition, BIS will provide information on best practices for reducing unlawful diversion. “Now that AES is mandatory, most government agencies with an export interest are using AES to measure compliance with regulations,” says OTE Director Gerard Horner. “BIS is committed to working with Census to educate industry on getting reporting in AES right the first time.”
Upcoming seminars will be held in
  • Baltimore, MD on August 21,
  • New Orleans, LA on September 11, and
  • Wilmington, NC on September 19. 
To view the program flyers and register, go to the Automated Export System website and click on conferences under the “meetings and presentations” header.

Upcoming Events: